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This revolutionary politically driven Rock-U-mentary is the first of its kind to put a spotlight on the hidden musical talents of his birth place Darjeeling that struggles to survive much less get noticed. Journey of a Dream takes a candid look into the lives of generations of Tibetan refugees in Darjeeling, Dharmsala, New York and Canada. Tibetans all over the world are politically, philosophically, and spiritually loyal to their history, culture which is what keeps the dream of a free Tibet alive for future generations. For Khymsar expressing his dedication and love for his occupied homeland Tibet through Heavy Metal, a musical form as complex and undeniably passionate as his own struggle, was a natural evolution. Journey of a Dream follows Khymsar’s return back to his birthplace of Darjeeling after more than a decade in North America. The breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas and the cities of Darjeeling and Dharmsala, home to thousands of Tibetans Still living as Refugees after more than 50 years outside their homeland, reveals the beauty and humble nature of an ancient nation living in exile for the first time in their history. After a life starting out in exile, Khymsar finally found a home in Vancouver and an opportunity to live his dream as a Heavy Metal musician. Directed by Shenpenn Khymsar
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Shenpenn Khymsar

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