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Jackpot (2009)
JACKPOT takes the viewer inside the sometimes strange, sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, and always compelling world of hardcore Bingo players. With their army of lucky charms at their side, their 20 cards laid out in front of them, and their...
Directed by Alan Black
Jajo's Secret (2009)
Filmmaker James Motluk traces his family history and discovers that his grandfather (Jajo) was one of thousands of Ukrainians put into camps by the Canadian government and forced to work as slave labour during the first world war.
Directed by James Motluk
Jambo Kenya! (2005)
Eleven kids sign up for a trip to Kenya. With no clear idea of what’s ahead. Some don’t know that they’ll be teaching kids in a local village. And some don't know that they’ll end up building a school house “from scratch." And for sure, no...
Directed by Lalita Krishna
Jelena's Song (2010)
A descent into the labyrinths of memory: Jelena and her recollections, happy or not, of childhood. Memories of when she lived in Croatia, and of when she lived in Canada. Her mother at the beach. Her father horsing around in the grocery store. The man...
Directed by Pablo Alvarez Mesa
A Silent Triumph is the story of the frailty, as well as the triumph, of the human spirit, of the steadfastness of relationship and the undeniability of true creativity. At the heart of the story is a reclusive artist, a house full of remarkable...
Directed by Pepita Ferrari
This revolutionary politically driven Rock-U-mentary is the first of its kind to put a spotlight on the hidden musical talents of his birth place Darjeeling that struggles to survive much less get noticed. Journey of a Dream takes a candid look into the...
Directed by Shenpenn Khymsar
Junior (2007)
There's no margin for error, getting drunk or breaking curfew in the high-stakes game stickhandled by the coaches, agents, trainers, owners and shareholders of junior hockey. Direct cinema and dramatic editing capture the joys and the anguish of...
Directed by Isabelle Lavigne, Stephane Thibault
Just Arrived (2003)
The experiences of three newly-arrived immigrant families from the Republic of Macedonia are chronicled as they launch fresh new lives in Toronto and Winnipeg. They reveal their expectations, fears, hopes, dreams and reactions to their new lives. They...
Directed by Sandra Danilovic
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