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It's a Different World

It's a Different World follows the lives of three autistic children, Scott (11), Stephen (10), and Katie Turner (10) over the course of two years, documenting their changing perspective on what being autistic means to them. Although Scott and Stephen are high-functioning, during the course of the film Stephen becomes increasingly uncomfortable about his autism. By contrast, Scott is a humorous contradiction in his efforts to define himself, wanting desperately to fit the stereotypical image of an autistic child since he's clearly not a neurotypical or 'normal' kid. While she is not as high-functioning as her brothers, Katie in some ways is the success story of the film, making huge leaps and bounds with her communication and socialization skills. The film is a captivating glimpse into three different faces of autism, and viewers can expect to have some of their preconceptions shattered.
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Ramona Persaud
Ramona Persaud
Bruce Lapointe