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What happens when two people are so unique, so different, that they break every possible convention? Transfixed tells the story of a highly unconventional romance. Martine Stonehouse and John Gelman are engaged and living with each other - and both living with Asperger Syndrome. Martine is a transsexual preparing for surgery. Her main motivation is her quest to marry John, who is straight identifying and will end their relationship unless she transitions fully. But before John and Martine can fulfill their dream of living as husband and wife, they will have to overcome Martine's battle to lose weight, John's occasional stubborn-mindedness, medical complications, financial woes, and a stressful race to pull off the ultimate wedding to express their relationship - one that simultaneously celebrates and smashes down convention, one that is as unique and compelling as they are. Transfixed is a deeply inspiring, humorous and human story about freedom, self-actualization and the quest for happiness - one that anyone who has ever longed for love and acceptance can empathize with and understand.

One Summer at Camp Winston

It's a typical summer at a place that is anything but typical. Camp Winston is a camp for children with complex neurological disorders. Here, against the backdrop of a beautiful Muskoka, Canada summer, the children are given the opportunity to grow, have fun, and be embraced for exactly who they are.

Letter to Myself

Kim wrote herself a letter so she would remember the pain of her crystal meth addiction, and it provides the structure for this insightful film that features the stories of two young women from small towns, their families and counsellors as they struggle to get and stay clean.
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