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Colour Me

Colour Me challenges viewers to reexamine how they think about race. We follow motivational speaker Anthony McLean as he runs a groundbreaking mentorship program for black teens in Brampton, the most demographically changing Canadian city. While challenging his students to analyse and abandon the stereotypes they have accepted, Anthony is forced to critically examine his own identity

Hearts of Hate:The Battle For Young Minds

There is a war being waged in Canada for young minds. It’s happening on the streets and in the schoolyards, erupting in violence and hate. Hard times-and harder hearts-have brought simmering racist attitudes to the surface. The Heritage Front, Aryan Nations, Church of The Creator, and the Canadian Chapters of the KKK are all recruiting young people to their cause. The young recruits are not the unemployed working class teenagers that you might expect. They come from all social strata: squeaky clean suburban kids, streetwise skinheads and middle-class university students. What they share is an uncertain future in a world that is far more morally complex than anything their parents knew. Their solutions are often simple, violent and unapologetically hateful. They are looking for someone to blame. Today, the average age of a typical Canadian racist is 18 to 20. Hearts of Hate is a frightening wake-up call. Illusions of Canada as a peaceful, tolerant society are profoundly challenged. Exploiting new communication technologies, these bigots are no longer occupying the political fringe and are far from laughable. In fact, these young people and their racist mentors don’t look much different from you, or me, or our own kids.

Surviving In The Cracks

A group of ex-street kids advocate for social justice by writing and performing in a theatre production.

Bilaal: Yes We Can

The story of a fundraising dynamo who sold clementines when he was four to help earthquake victims in India and has raised millions of dollars for various causes. With a resume that would be the envy of a CEO, it’s hard to believe that Bilaal is only 12 years old.

Breakout! The Power Of One

Three stories which demonstrate that you are never too young to make a difference. From 11 year old Alaina Podmorow who started an organization to help girls get an education in Afghanistan, to Craig Kielburger whose ‘Free The Children’ is the largest organization of children helping children, Breakout! The Power of One demonstrates the power of the individual to effect change.

Shooting For Change

Plagued by a reputation of gun violence and drugs, a community fights back with an unusual weapon The youth of Toronto’s infamous neighbourhood of Regent Park are used to being labeled and having others making decisions for them. But through a unique film-making project, they’ve been able to take control of their lives to redefine their place in the world. 11 year old Nicholas faced bullying at school – now he’s one of the most popular kids in the neighbourhood. 12 year old Josneara felt pressured by her peers regarding her Muslim heritage – now she’s developed a strong sense of identity. 21 year old Tyrone watched his friends die from gun violence as a teen – now he’s working as a mentor to younger kids. Supporting these young people - and many more - is Adonis, the director of the media program. He’s spent the last 10 years helping Regent Park to take control of its own image, tell its own stories, and become an agent for change.

Move Your World

Fifteen year-old Marie’s world is Whitehorse, Yukon. She wins a contest which takes her half way across the Globe to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania to witness life in another culture. She has been advocating for children since she was 12 but nothing prepares her for the sights and sounds of Dar Es Salaam and the conditions in which children live. Join Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda on their journey to Tanzania. In this country of beautiful landscapes and rich culture, they make great new friends, go on an incredible safari (ever thought you’d see lions mating in the wild?) and experience a whole new culture. But the real reason for their trip is a serious one: they’ve come to see firsthand the widespread problem of AIDS. Outside of Dar es Salaam, they meet Angelina and Veronika – two little girls who are HIV positive. They’re poor. They’re ignored by the government, by their communities, even by their own families. They are the forgotten faces of AIDS. Moved by their situation, Marie, Kourosh and Chaminda bring back their stories hoping to move the world to action. Their stories will move your world, too.

A Mind Like Mine

A preview from a compelling documentary chronicling a year in the life of two adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This deeply personal film features the filmmaker's son, Kail and another young man Daniel. Seven years after documenting their lives as children with ADD/ADHD for her film, O'Donnell turns the lens back to document their growth into young adults. Along the way however, Odd Kid Out, the filmmaker is taken by surprise as she begins to suspect that she too may be living with ADD!

Sweatin' It

The story of two Mississauga teens whose lives turn upside down when they volunteer to 'sweat it' with Olympic Champion Daniel Igali. Wrestler Daniel Igali is fueled by a new dream after winning a gold medal in the Sydney Olympics. He wants to build a school in his home village in Nigeria to improve the lot of kids there. As he travels across Canada to enlist the support of children, he is overwhelmed with their response. They all want to help. Standing out among them are two intrepid teenagers who are ready to go to a remote village, which does not exist even on the map of Nigeria. Sweatin' It! is a story that unfolds through the narratives of Brian Mac and Kelsy Cummings. More than just a trek into the heart of Africa the adventure turns out to be an enrichment of their minds. For Daniel Igali, the Nigeria journey of Brian and Kelsy is but one small span in the vast bridge that he hopes to eventually build between the children of the world. Sweatin' It! is symbolic of Daniel's victory. Not in a sports stadium but in the arena of life.

Suck It Up Princess

This film is a powerful exploration of courage and strength. A musically enhanced one hour view into the world of Renee Rodrigues, a young website designer, moderator, reporter, charity organizer and victim of congenital muscular dystrophy. Renee has a 500lb wheel chair, a tracheotomy and feels constant pain but that doesn’t stop her for a second. She is very popular and has a thriving on-line life with friends like Shawn Desman, Danny Fernandes and Hilary Duff. Renee makes the most of every second, loves life and is an inspiration to us all. Exclusively funded through OMNI's Independent Producers Initiative.
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