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Diamond Road

Every year, worldwide, 24 tons of diamonds are teased from the heart of the earth. Once mined they begin their year-long journey through the "pipeline," a vast, secretive network encompassing five continents and a diverse cast of characters. By the end of their journey these tiny bits of carbon will have made multi-millionaires of some and virtual slaves of others. Boring deep into the diamond world, Diamond Road explores the multiple meanings this object has for a few of the captivating characters who are part of the diamond pipeline: an impoverished miner in Sierra Leone, a child cutter and prominent businessman in India, a celebrity jeweller and a high-end dealer in New York. Their stories are interwoven with that of an industry leader who is fighting for transparency and fair trade for diamonds. Each is on a journey to realize a dream that centres on a stone which is itself a dream, a manufactured symbol of love, purity and the sublime. What results is a multi-layered portrait of a fascinating world which is steeped in a history of intrigue, conflict, love and hope.

When Silence is Golden

When Silence is Golden follows the film`s director in her quest to lift the silence on the gold mining activities of a Canadian mining company near a small town in Western Ghana. Through her journey, we meet the inhabitants of this town who, despite efforts by the government to silence them, cannot hide their anger and are eager to express their grievances.
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